Herne's Craftes

Hand Crafted Pagan Tools & Jewellery made from Wood and Antler.


We are happy to take commissions for all our products. Please Contact us with your specifications and to get a quotation.


Below are images of recent commissions:



Kanji Bracelet in Red Oak


Allergy Sign


Ferret Lady Logo Plate


Logo and Inscription in Offering Bowl


Cthullu Tie Pin


Steampunk Shawl Pin


Totem Animals on Plates for a Wedding


Manchester United Symbol on Cork Mat


 Kali Yantra on Tagua Nut 

Three Celtic Men Chopping Board


Native / Pagan Antler Necklace


Phoenix Tagua Nut Necklace


Pirate Adventures Commemorative Box


Lily Box


Talking Stick


Chaos Symbol on Antler Necklace


Two Celtic Ravens on a Lazy Susan


Gaia Box


Creativity Bindrune on Antler Ring


Celtic Wave on Bone Necklace


Kanji on Oak Necklace


Kanji on Oak Necklace


'Wisdom' Necklaces for a Book Launch


Antler 'Snake' Ring


Faerie in the Dark Box


Dragon Box


Penny Farther Brass Decorated Box


Airship Box


Dragon Knife Handle


Celtic Knot Knife Handle