Herne's Craftes

Hand Crafted Pagan Tools & Jewellery made from Wood and Antler.

Hail and Welcome!

Here at Herne's Craftes we lovingly hand craft Pagan Tools and Jewellery from Antler and Wood.

We do not use inks, paints or stains, each image is hand burnt on the product by a specialist technique called 'Pyrography'. 

Our products include Wooden and Antler Rune Sets, Wooden and Antler Necklaces with various and customized symbols, Plates and Plaques, Wooden and Antler Earrings and Wooden Game Boards and many more. To see all our hand crafted items, please go to the Products page.

Our crafts are inspired by Herne, Lord of The Animals and Forests (also known as Cernunnos).  Herne is usually represented by a Stag or a Horned Man.


(The above image, possibly depicting Cernunnos, is the Gundestrup cauldron found in Denmark. It is a richly decorated silver vessel, thought to date between 200 BC and 300 AD.)